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The Oil Drum NEWOur friends from this excellent website sent me an email recently wondering why they were not linked yet. Not sure why not, so thanks for the prompt! Excellent Peak Oil Site with interesting news links and graphs Information has been gathered on this website from expert geologists and petroleum engineers around the world who have had the courage to warn about the impending global oil crisis. With the latest data at hand, you will be able to shape your future based on lasting values rather than expediencies Provides real-time oil & gas news, industry reports, and related research materials for analysts, students, and independent researchers all over the world. Their extensive research library provides our readers with access to leading industry reports and presentations including topics ranging from governmental policies to peak-oil. Join the discussion in real-time on such things as depletion scenarios, economics, survival, self sufficiency and more!  Price comparison resource for home heating  Online community with practical information relating to reducing individual and community dependence on petroleum products. Some good links, articles and other resources about peak oil. By Dusko Jocic and Ryan Fairley. Working to raise international public awareness and promote better understanding of the world's oil-depletion problem.